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The following rules are considered to be the minimum rules needed to ensure database integrity for Invoicing Sample:

Class Property Rule Type
Brand BrandName Required
Brand BrandName MaxLength (50)
Brand CreateDate Required
Brand ChangeDate Required
Customer CustomerName Required
Customer CustomerName MaxLength (50)
Customer CustomerType MinValue (1)
Customer CreateDate Required
Customer ChangeDate Required
CustomerType CustomerTypeName Required
CustomerType CustomerTypeName MaxLength (50)
CustomerType CreateDate Required
CustomeType ChangeDate Required
Invoice InvoiceNumber Required
Invoice InvoiceNumber MaxLenth (15)
Invoice CustomerID MinValue (1)
Invoice CreateDate Required
Invoice ChangeDate Required
InvoiceLines InvoiceID MinValue (1)
InvoiceLines ProductID MinValue (1)
InvoiceLines Price MinValue (1)*
InvoiceLines Quantity MinValue (1)
InvoiceLines CreateDate Required
InvoiceLines ChangeDate Required
Product BrandID MinValue (1)
Product ProductCode Required
Product ProductCode MaxLength(10)
Product ProductName MaxLength(50)
Product Price MinValue (1)*
Product CreateDate Required
Product ChangeDate Required

-*depends if zero allowed - further definition required

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