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Start the engines for CTP2 RC1

Nov 30, 2010 at 1:22 AM
Edited Dec 1, 2010 at 6:19 PM

No more critical or even high priority issues or features are pending. A lot of work has been done on several areas.

First the stereotypes:

  • EditableRoot is OK
  • EditableChild is OK
  • EditableRootCollection is OK
  • EditableChildCollection is OK
  • ReadOnlyObject is OK
  • ReadOnlyCollection is OK
  • NamevalueList is OK

The remaining 3 stereotypes

  • EditableSwitchable
  • DynamicEditableRoot
  • DynamicEditableRootCollection

will receive the same "love & care" that was given to the other stereotypes on CTP3. The same CTP3 will most likely see the birth of VB templates as well as other features as you can see under Downloads => Other Downlods - Planned

The following features were greatly improved:

  • LoadingScheme/LazyLoad
  • Object Relations Builder
  • templates
  • validation both on ORB and on templates

Finally some nice UI improvements

  • drop down lists added everywhere they can be used
  • all drop down lists pre-select the current value(s)
  • in the Project panel, move up/down more than one Csla Object at a time

From RC1 to final release, there is room to small improvements:

  • enforce LoadingScheme/LazyLoad rules
  • improve even further ORB
  • improve new object creation gesture (Schema panel) so new objects respect the same rules CGF validates.

These improvements won't delay RC1. Getting CTP2 RC1 out only depends on closing two issues:

  • reinstalling CodeSmith DLL
  • Vista/Windows 7 Elevated Rights

My Windows 7 VM is going to be busy as I'm planning to have CTP 2 ready before Christmas!

In the meanwhile I'll commit the code and template changes for everything except the said "closing issues".

Post Scriptum - Due to Vista/Windows 7 compatibility issues, CTP2 will be in RC stage until the fix is confirmed