CslaGenFork 4.3 RC

Project Description
O/RM code generator for CSLA.NET 4.3 generating Stored Procedures, Business Layer and Data Access Layer code for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight.

Currently there are only C# templates available for CSLA.NET 4.3. You are welcome to contribute with VB templates.

Forthcoming Release Candidate features
  • Targets CSLA 4.3.13 (NET 4.0)
  • Encapsulated Invoke (both variants of DAL: DataReader and DTO) Read more on this subject
  • Create objects and collections from views and stored procedures
  • Creator and Getter Unit of Work (for Silverlight)
  • Make projects Silverlight ready with one click
  • Support for automatic cache invalidation
  • Re-introduced support for updated properties (NVL and RO collection updated after editing an object)
  • Improved converted properties (no backing field)
  • Much improved pre-generation object validation
  • Full release notes
  • Release 4.3 RC count down: status on 03 Mar 2013


2013 Jan 27 - DeepLoad sample v3.0.1 - download here star.png

The DeepLoad sample project tests the loading part of a 6 levels deep data structure, from Continents to City Roads. New features:
  • New VS2010 solution illustrating DAL using DTO (Data Transfer Object)
  • Updated to Csla 4.3.13
  • Use "LocalDB" and path independent connection string for easy deploy

2012 Apr 09 - Rules sample v.1.1.0 - download it here

This is a DLL rules library you can freely use in your projects and the missing complement to the new Import Business and Authorization Rules from DLL feature.
New on this release:
  • added projects for Csla 4.3.10
  • 6 new business rules
Note - Source code is available as a single download file.

Nightly Build 2012.03.11 download

Maintenance release. Template improvements and an important fix to a bug that prevented the creation of new projects.

2011 Jul 02 - Cheat Sheet contents includes:

  • How to create objects and collections by point and click
  • How to create child objects and child collections by point and click
  • What are those dreaded Parent Properties
  • How to use DataAnnotations validation rules

2011 Apr 24 - Technical Note: Silverlight code for CSLA 4

This blog post explains the restrictions of Silverlight code, the solutions to the issues they raise and how to use the generated code.

Other News:

To Join

To join this project and make your own contribution:
  1. Register on CodePlex
  2. Send the user name and brief description of your contribution to Tiago Freitas Leal.

Is code generation a good idea?

If you were told generated code is bug ridden or rigid or code gen tools are just toys then have a second opinion.

Why would I use CslaGenFork?

If you had some bad experiences with CslaGen or other code gen tools then you don't need a feature list but an argument list.

How do I use CslaGenFork?

No, you are not sent out to the wild on your own. We try to help all the way. Or at least, some of the way...
- How do I start using it?
- How do I organize myself?
- Do I need some tools?
- Where do I fetch the free CodeSmith engine?
- Is there a suggested workflow for codegen?

Is there a sample?
There is a work in progress started 2011 Feb 15. Look under the Documentation tab or go straight to the Invoicing sample.

Is there a FAQ?
Of course there is! It's brand new and it's a moving target meaning I'm adding questions every now and then.
Read it here (2010-12-08 update).

Useful links:
About the license...
CslaGenFork is GPL 2 as CodePlex doesn't allow GPL 3. The GPL license is an inheritance from the original CslaGen code generator. Of course you can use the generated code as you like: sell, borrow, lend or even give away.


CslaGen couldn't exist without the free CodeSmith DLL. Great care was taken in not breaching the CodeSmith license agreement neither by CslaGenFork nor by anyone using it, Thank you CodeSmith.

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