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Schema panel

There are 2 different ways to create a business object. The second one is to use the schema panel and let CGF assist you in the creation of the BO. First of all, after connecting to a database, go to the Schema panel, open the Tables folder and select a table. Notice the Columns panel on the right side shows all the columns of that table. The same behaviour happens when you click a view.
Select a table to see the list of its columns.

Now right click on a table and you'll see a list of possible object stereotypes CGF can create for you. Of course the objects will be based on the selected table.
Right click on a table to see the list of possible objects you can create.

Another option is to specify the exact columns you want to use for automatic object creation. Select the columns on the Columns panel or right click to Select All.
Right click on the Columns panel to Select All columns.

After selecting the columns, right click, open the Create sub menu and select the object stereotype you want to create.
Right click on the Columns panel to open the Create sub menu.

To be continued.

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