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Silverlight (almost) ready - calling for testers

Apr 23, 2011 at 3:23 PM

Hi all,

First of all I must admit I've been a lousy coordinator. I found out today that MOFarmer submitted no less than 6 patches, all Schema/SProcs related. I have some offers for colaboration that I didn't answer because I really dont't have the time to think about it. I'm very short on spare time lately, for personal and professional reasons. As explained in a previous post CslaGenFork requires some time on several fronts and I gave priority to new features. I want to have Silverlight ready before I attend to other problems - that's my priority.

As you can see under the Issue Tracker tab (go to Advanced View and add Keyword Silverlight) Silverlight is mostly done except for Work item #505 - Silverlight - generate asynchronous LazyLoad.

This refers to CSLA40 target that took precedence over CSLA40DAL as it was much easier to do. In fact getting the Asynchronous and Silverlight ready as Encapsulated Implementation is a preparation for Encapsulated Invoke (the one with the DAL). Although advanced, Encapsulated Invoke was put on hold.

Besides asynchronous factory/DataPortal and silverlight support (the former is needed for the later), the next commit to public Source Code will include some other very small features

  • Work item #483 - Add BaseNamespace generation setting
  • Work item #503 - Extend Simple Cache to DataPortal_Fetch
  • Work item #489 - Lazy loading must raise OnPropertyChanged event

and maybe

  • Work item #375 - Extend Simple Cache to ReadOnly collections

There will be some problems concerning extra or missing blank lines even when you generate non asynchronous methods or Silverlight code.

What I need now is help in the form of testing. If you don't select Generate Silverlight nor Generate Asynchronous every stereotype (except from EditableSwitchable) should generate the same code as before (comments were improved a bit).

I want to include Work item #505 - Silverlight - generate asynchronous LazyLoad but I not sure I can finish it before Easter (i.e. today). Any way I'll publish it as it is no later than Easter.

Please start the testing engines and Happy Easter Day!